Fashion Trends for Moms in 2021

Fashion Trends for Moms in 2021

So we have all heard the news by now about the latest fashion trends. Side parts and skinny jeans are out! Well, I have good news, it is not true.

While it is a new decade and fashion is shifting again we are in a transitional time. That means skinny jeans are not out, they just need an update!

Jordan, the owner of Tangled Rose, a fellow mom and fashion expert, is here to help explain some of the hottest fashion trends, and how to wear them.

Modeling of the fashion trend, the boyfriend jean.

Image reads "Fashion Trend: The Boyfriend Jean"

The boyfriend jean is borrowed from the boys and tailored just for her! This trend was first made popular on the set of Misfits, by Marilyn Monroe. The extremely masculine silhouette of the slouchy fitting jean accentuated her feminine curves and instantly everyone was replicating it.

It was later made popular in the 90’s by actresses including Katie Holmes and Sara Jessica Parker, among others

How to wear it like a mom

When the boyfriend jean is worn more tailored it gives off a more mature look. This current trend will leave you feeling confident and current.

The boyfriend jean can be paired with a more fitted top for a dressier look or with your favorite T-shirt for everyday errands.

Flat Lay of the trend,the boyfriend jean.
Modeling of the fashion trend, frayed hem jeans.

Image reads "Fashion Trend: Frayed Hem Jeans"

A frayed hem is a little bit scraggly and a little bit messy. This hem can vary from full-on fringe inspired by the 1920’s to a more tailored look you can see here. [See the “Bonus Look” for a fuller fringed look.]

Image reads "How to wear it like a mom

These jeans are the perfect started piece to re-build your closet with today’s newest fashion. Adding a subtle frayed hem to the very familiar skinny jeans make for a fashion forward first step!

This is a great way to go, especially if you are still deciding if you like this trend. After all, you can pair it with anything from a dressy blouse to your favorite everyday tank.

Flat Lay of the trend, frayed hem jeans.
Peasant Dress

Image reads "Fashion Trend: Babydoll"

The babydoll silhouette was first created by Sylvia Pedler, in the form of a nightgown. The garment style was inspired by the fabric shortages of World War II and it was coined the baby doll after the silhouette was worn by the lead character in the movie “Baby Doll”. This very sexy silhouette caught the attention of both women and their partners.

This trend can be recognized by its raised waistline and trapeze lines.

Image reads "How to wear it like a mom

This trend is easy and can be worn as a dress or top, casual or formal. It can be paired with your favorite pair of sandals for a casual picnic or worn with a go-to chunky pump for an evening look.

Peasant Dress Flat Lay
Modeling the fashion trend, Peasant Sleeves
Image Reads "Fashion Trend: Peasant Sleeves"

The Peasant Sleeve fashion trend has made many appearances throughout history and has been recreated several times in the last millennia. This trend can also be seen on dresses and tops and can be worn dressy or casual.

Image reads "How to wear it like a mom

We featured this fashion trend on a dressier night look. We paired it with a basic chunky black heel and it makes sir the perfectly updated little black dress!

Flat Lay of the trend, Peasant Sleeves

Image reads "Bonus look: Babydoll and Frayed Hem Jeans"

Here we paired two of the above mentioned trends: the Babydoll and the Frayed Hem. These jeans have a trendier version of the frayed hem than pictured above on the skinny jean, but still very wearable by just about anyone.

This babydoll top has a short cropped detail which highlights your waist making it appear slimmer. I think almost anyone would agree that is a trend every mom will appreciate!

Flat Lay of Frayed Hem Jeans and Babydoll top

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