Meet Jordan the owner of Tangled Rose Boutique

When I first scheduled a meeting with Jordan the owner of Tangled Rose Boutique I expected to highlight a store with trendy merchandise in Historic Downtown Melbourne. I ended up finding out that Tangled Rose is so much more. The amount of detail, love and most of all hard work that has gone into this establishment is heartwarming. With the support of family and some creative thinking Tangled Rose has come a long way!

It all started at Florida State University where Jordan started her business making hand made bracelets, in school spirited colors, for football games. When she went to one of her college professors to discuss her future plans of a Master’s Degree he asked her about this jewelry business she had. When she showed him the numbers he suggested that this is where she should place her energy. Fast forward to today and she has over 200 wholesale accounts, and has expanded to a full brick and mortar store, that opened its doors on October 26, 2019 in the heart of Historic Downtown Melbourne.

Jordan has gone out of her way to explain how she would never be here without the help of her family and close friends. Not to mention the two loves of her life Mason and Cam! The move to open the store was inspired after the passing of her grandfather who passed away last year, a sort of legacy to him. Her Grandmother and Grandfather were also small business owners of “Canaveral Meats and Deli” in Cape Canaveral for over 20 years.

Originally this location was a bookstore. When she took over the lease the bookcases had been left behind. Jordan, her grandmother, Diane, and family friend, Sharonne, removed all the shelves from the book cases and painted them white to create shiplap paneling that her parents helped her to hang on the walls of the store. Then the empty bookcases were up cycled to add racks to create garment fixtures. Some of the bookcases were also left to create the dressing rooms. The shelves were left in so customers would have a place to put their belongings while trying on all the dresses, rompers, blouses and more.

The up-cycling, blood, sweat and tears do not end there! The table displays were also hand painted and treated by Jordan and she installed the floors and tiles with the help of her Dad and Grandma. These are just some of the changes her and her amazingly supportive family made to expand her handmade jewelry line and turn it into a full store. Complete with ready to wear, handbags and jewelry. The store also features some local vendors including: Milly Molly candles, Oliver Hart, Aw Succs, LEXA and Indigo River & Co.

The amount of thought and hard work shows everywhere you look in the store. The first day I walked in to visit her grandmother was in the back of the shop painting the doors that lead into their classroom and Jordan was hand making jewelry at the register never stopping. It was really fun to see her work while we talked and experience the family support behind the business. I am so happy to have found this boutique and I hope you find the opportunity to shop here too! Jordan is an amazing inspiration and small business in the community and I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to highlight her store and shop all her amazing merchandise!

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