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I love meeting passionate business owners like Frank. He and his family relocated here to the Space Coast after falling for the area on vacation, very similar to my own family’s story. They moved down from New Jersey just over a year ago and love it here. Originally a contractor for 28 years he started Hydro Shield in New Jersey, sold it and launched Hydro Shield here in the Space Coast.

I am very excited to have been introduced to the Hydro Shield product because we have just completed construction on our own home. It is an amazing surface protectorate for Granite, Quartz, natural stone, tile, glass and grout. So we are very happy to have it in our own home and look forward to reviewing it.

Before talking with Frank I had always thought as surface protection as something only needed for Granite or natural stones. I had no idea all the great benefits a product like Hydro Shield can add to your home. There are so many benefits described on the HydroShield Space Coast website but below are three of my favorite benefits that I am looking forward to.

1. It keeps calcium from building up

Because Hydro Shield bonds to the surface of your countertop, the calcium that usually builds up is not allowed to do so. This build up is caused when water is left, or not whipped up. The water dries leaving behind calcium deposits. So in areas like where your counter meets your faucet, where water is typically left, you can get build up and discoloration. When Hydro Shield is applied to a surface the calcium cannot bind with it and is easily cleaned.

We had a problem with this in the home we rented while we were building. This is an amazing benefit because of all the chemicals added to the water here in Melbourne this is something homeowners here specifically deal with.

2. Protects porcelain

Have you ever left your toilet bowl a day or two too long and noticed the gross ring build up? Yuck! Well if you have Hydro Shield applied to your toilet bowls you will instantly notice your toilet bowls sparkling a lot longer. I am loving this benefit because our new home has five toilets!

“At the microscopic level, untreated tile and porcelain have pores or microscopic peaks and valleys. Minerals from hard water, soap scum, and other contaminants settle into these pores and require acidic or abrasive cleaners to remove. Our innovative protection for tile and porcelain creates a covalent bond at the surface-to-air interface, completely filling in and eliminating the microscopic pores. The result is a high-performance, invisible coating that makes tile and porcelain surfaces easier to clean and less susceptible to staining and damage. By eliminating the need to use harsh, acidic or abrasive cleaners, tile and porcelain retain their shine for years to come.”

HydroShield Website

3. Protects Glass surfaces

I think this is going to be my favorite part, Hydro Shield can also be applied to windows and shower glass. This will make showers and windows easier to clean because soap cannot build up as easily. Not only that but it will cause rain to bead up on your windows keeping your view clearer on rainy days.

“HydroShield for Windows™ provides a highly durable, slick finish to your windows. The result is glass that stays cleaner longer. HydroShield Window Protection makes your windows easy to clean, reducing maintenance by 75%.”

HydroShield Website

I will be having HydroShield installed in my home and look forward to updating you guys on how it works. We will not be doing it in all the bathrooms so I will have something to compare it against! Thanks for reading my blog and please subscribe subscribe below to be updated on my review of this product as well as future blogs about discovering life here in the Space Coast.

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