Surface Protection Protects my Home.

It has been a year since we moved into our new home, in Reeling Park. This also means it has been one year since we had Hydroshield Surface Protection installed in our home. So, I would love to share with you how this product has lasted for my family and what a difference it has made.

When we built our home countertops were one of our main priorities. We had waterfalls installed in our kitchen along with various granite countertops installed throughout our bathrooms and home. Therefore, surface protection was something we knew we would need.

What is Hydroshield Surface protection?

Hydroshield’s innovative surface protection takes high-maintenance surfaces in a home and transforms them into easy-to-clean, stain-resistant surfaces that are guaranteed to stay looking new. Their surface protection bonds with surfaces at the molecular level to form an invisible barrier. Protecting high-maintenance surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms.

From your grout joints to your shower glass, shower surrounds, countertops, sinks, toilets, and even windows, we are the only company that can protect everything in your home. Hydroshiled is a one-stop solution to protect your home and keep it looking new for years to come.

How Hydroshield surface protection protects my home.

Hydroshield Space Coast is making a big difference in our home and on our granite countertops. It protects against yellowing and stains, which was a large concern of ours. Especially now that we have seen the way it was maintained the first year we no longer worry about yellowing.

Another reason we are happy about our surface protection is it made me feel more confident against Covid-19 virus, Salmonella, and a million other pathogens. This is because the bond produced by the surface protection bonds to the peaks and valleys of the quartz. This leaves the surface easy to clean because bacteria and viruses have nowhere to hide.

Before we have Hydroshield installed I would have to wipe the counters down with several products to leave it clean and film-free. Now our counters are easy to clean and they stay that way!

Why Hydroshield?

Hydroshield understands when you think of a futuristic home, some of the attributes would be a home that is highly durable and doesn’t age, a home that requires little maintenance, an eco-friendly home that is chemical-free.

Hydroshield’s innovative surface protection takes high-maintenance surfaces in a home and transforms them from good to amazing. They promise peace of mind that their surfaces will be easy-to-clean, stain-resistant, and guaranteed to stay looking new.

What are the experts saying?

As a designer here in Brevard County, the goal is to give my clients not only beautiful spaces but functional spaces!  Function is incredibly important in any space and this is why I love Hydroshield. 

Hydroshield protects your surfaces unlike any other product on the market.  Want your countertops protected from staining, yellowing, and even bacteria?  This is your product.  How does it work?  It basically is a bonding agent that perfectly fills in those peaks and valleys of your stones, porcelain and even glass.  And it LASTS!  That’s the big difference from other sealing products on the market.

Ashley Chotai- Owner of Ambiance Viera

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