HVAC Duct Cleaning Scams on the Rise: How to Protect Yourself and Your Home

Having the HVAC ducts in your home cleaned sounds like a good idea. After all, we run our AC units throughout most of the year. Do know that there are HVAC Duct Cleaning companies in Brevard County that do A+ work. However, there are others out there just waiting to take your hard-earned money without offering anything in return.

How do you know if you are being scammed or if the company you are looking to hire is trustworthy and legitimate? First of all, know that some of these scammers may want to make themselves look legitimate, so they may actually advertise their services in a flyer package sent to your home. They may set up simple websites using local addresses. They may even go as far as publishing their own fake 5-star reviews. Others may not even bother with all of the above and just hope that you won’t do your due diligence.

I recently had a conversation with Nate Cox, of Nate’s Dryer Vent Cleaning Services, a veteran-owned business based in Port St. John. He told me that some of these scammers are posting their services and advertising unbeatable prices on several Brevard County Facebook groups.

As I listened to his advice, Nate repeated that old adage, yes, you get what you pay for.

One of the first things Nate advised me to do is an internet search of the company name. Is the company local? He said that some of these scammers come from out of the county. Another question to ask is if the company is licensed. Did you know that HVAC duct cleaning companies in the state of Florida need to be licensed? One quick way to check is to go to sunbiz.org or just ask the company for their licensing information when you give them a call. Try to get some real reviews from people who have used the company’s services by asking your friends on and off social media. You can also check with the Better Business Bureau.

Now that we know that these scams exist, how do they work? As I mentioned earlier, those unbeatable prices are sure to lure you in. You might even be lured in by other services that are included, such as dryer vent cleaning. Once you hire them and the technician shows up at your doorstep, you might find yourself being upsold or overcharged. On top of that, they may not even clean your vents properly if at all.

Nate has been in the dryer vent cleaning business for the past six years, the last three of them in Brevard County. He said that both legitimate HVAC duct cleaning companies as well as scammers often include dryer vent cleaning with their advertised services. This is a problem because it can create a false sense of security.

Dryer fires are the sixth leading cause of household fires.

Lint is highly combustible. It is not enough to just clean the lint pan before and after each use.

Having the dryer ducts cleaned is just one part of the process. Nate and his technicians take their process one step further by disassembling the dryer (not completely, don’t worry) to get to the parts where lint and other materials may be collecting.

Image of Before and After Vent Cleaning with Nate's Dyer Vent Cleaning Service

“We frequently remove huge amounts of burnt lint from dryers which validates the importance of cleaning out the dryer,” said Nate, owner of the only company in Brevard that has certified dryer exhaust technicians. They also repair and install vents too.

Image of lint cleaning service before and after and example of burnt lint from not cleaning vents

As a last bit of advice in choosing a company to work with, Nate recommends hiring professionals who are licensed experts in their chosen profession to obtain true peace of mind.

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